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Looks as good as it smells.


A new experience in artisan candles

Yes, we make candles, but our true passion lies in art, design and all things inspiring. Each of our scent is imbued with that character, transformed into different personas.

Hand-poured in small batches, Menari artisan candles use fragrance oils that are of the highest quality, formulated in a blend of 100% natural Virgin Coconut Beeswax Crème wax. Each full-size candle is housed in beautifully handcrafted concrete vessels with a wabi-sabi aesthetic, made of sustainable materials that are easily upcycled and repurposed.

Simple design, quiet form.

Our approach is to highlight the intention of each unique scent we make without being brash or attention seeking. Besides smelling great and doing their job well, we believe candles should sit quietly, and integrate seamlessly into our daily environment.

Menari candles burns cleanly, without smoke or soot. Each candle is designed to create its optimal scent throw and melt pool.

Quality & sustainability go hand in hand

In our quest to be as eco-friendly as possible, our products come with minimal packaging. No unnecessary branding – even on the product itself.

When we pack an order, we use used boxes, bubble wraps, newspapers, etc as padding materials to prolong their lifetime beyond single-use (and we hope you re-use them again too).

With time, we hope to change the way we view candles (and retail in general), while working to support the craft and design community.

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